Monday, August 20, 2018

This Could Be the Week!

That's right, this could be the week that we get back to Arkansas!

Listening closely to the good news!

Samuel is pretty excited to be going back to his home state!
Based on Samuel's echocardiogram last week, the doctors were all in agreement when they met last Thursday.  Samuel's heart is functioning well for now, and shouldn't need any interventions for at least several more months.  Because of that, they see no reason to keep us in Delaware, and they have already initiated the transfer process back to Arkansas Children's Hospital!  This can take quite some time to jump through all the right hoops.  But, as we know all too well from our transport up here, some times it can happen much quicker than anticipated!  So we spent the weekend making sure we have everything packed up, just in case!

It still feels surreal that after almost 5 months we may finally be heading back to Arkansas!  We will still be 3 hours away from HOME when we are transferred back, but it will feel so much more like home than Delaware.  However, we are so grateful for our time here! We are thankful that God led us to the DuPont Hospital for Children when He did.  Otherwise Samuel might not still be here with us.

Along with our excitement, there is also fear and anxiety fighting to creep in.  As we found out back in March, different hospitals function so differently.  They use different equipment, different techniques, and they don't know Samuel.  They won't know what Samuel's "normals" are.  They won't know what Samuel likes and dislikes.  So Seth and I will have to boldly advocate extra hard for Samuel over the next few weeks.  We are praying for boldness and wisdom, as well as discernment to know when a change might be a good thing.  We are also asking God to fill us with peace, so that fear and anxiety have no room to dwell here.

So the adventure continues!  Things could always change, as they have before.  We are praying that God will just cause everything to fall through if it's not our time to head back yet.  Otherwise, we're praying for a smooth hospital-to-hospital transition! We will keep y'all posted as we know more.

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