Sunday, April 8, 2018

48 Hours Post-surgery

They said that the first 72 hours after surgery are critical.  These hours often set the tone for how things will go.  We are now 48 hours post-surgery, and Samuel has shown no major causes for concern!  Praise God!!!  There is still a long road of recovery ahead, and we're not quite to the 72-hour mark yet, but so far it seems that Samuel's heart is working as it should!

A sign one of Samuel's sweet nurses made for him!

As always, there are still many things to pray for!
  • Pray that Samuel's blood pressure will stay in a good range.  They put him on a blood pressure medicine following surgery to lower his numbers, which has been working well!  Pray that his numbers begin to regulate on their own so they can start weaning this medicine.
  • Pray that Samuel will be able to remain comfortable without the need for increased sedation.  Because Samuel was on quite a bit of sedation before surgery, his body has required quite a bit more post-surgery.  Pray that they won't have to increase his sedation any more, and that he may even begin to wean off of some of it soon!
  • Pray that Samuel's echocardiogram tomorrow will show his heart working correctly!
  • Pray for our hearts during this initial post-surgery phase, as we are not able to touch or talk to Samuel because it stimulates him and raises his blood pressure.  Our hearts are aching to love on and comfort our son.
  • Pray for the swelling in Samuel's body to go down.  Pray that he will consistently be able to release the proper amount of fluid, without becoming dependent on diuretics.
  • Pray that God will allow Samuel to feel loved during this time when we are not able to show him tangible love.  We are trusting that God is holding him and wrapping him in His loving arms even when we can't.
We are continuing to praise God for bringing us this far, and for the life and story that He has given to our brave little Samuel David.
Thank y'all for joining with us to cover Samuel in prayer!

This is His story, and it is all for His glory!


  1. We're praying love, strength, comfort and healing over prescious Samuel David and that you all feel God's love and closeness during this challenging time. Lots of love to you guys!

  2. Praying for Samuel and hoping you will be able to hold him soon! <3

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