Thursday, August 9, 2018


Samuel's surgery yesterday went well!  The surgeon was able to cut out the dead part of the intestines, and connect them back together since they are roughly the same size now.
Samuel's recovery is also going fairly well!  He has just been needing a lot of hands-on affection today, and I don't blame him.

So for now we love on him as best we can, and we wait.

We wait for more dirty diapers as a sign that his system is ready for food.
We wait for Samuel's ostomy site to heal up so the wound vac can be taken off.
We wait for the pain to decrease so he will be back to his normal self.
We wait for doctors to make decisions about Samuel's heart.
We wait to find out what the next steps are now.

Praises? Oh yes, there are many!

  • Less than 24 hours post-surgery, Samuel had already pushed out some stool!  It has been 4 long months since he last did that...Praise God!  The doctors are still wanting to see a little more output before they start feeds back up, but this is progress!
  • The levels the doctors had been watching, following the discovery of Samuel's gallstones, had normalized over the past couple of weeks!  Because of this the surgeon didn't think it was necessary to remove Samuel's gallbladder during the surgery.
  • Samuel only required one dose of Morphine right after surgery, and one more overnight. Other than that, his pain has mainly been controlled by Tylenol!  This greatly lowers the risk of him having to go through narcotic withdrawals again!
  • This surgery didn't have holding restrictions like most of Samuel's other surgeries, so we were able to hold Samuel right away!  Which was exactly what he needed to lower his heart rate post-op. Praise God for snuggles!
I could go on and on!

Please also join us as we pray for these things:
Pray that Samuel can begin getting feeds again soon!  I'm pretty sure part of his fussiness is due to hunger.
Pray that Samuel's ostomy site will heal up quickly!
Pray for no infections!
Pray for wisdom as Samuel's team of doctors makes decisions regarding his heart, lungs, and timing of future procedures/surgeries.

This is His story, and it is all for His glory!

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  1. Things are sounding very positive :-) Praying for continued healing, good decisions, and happy days ahead. <3


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