Thursday, January 16, 2020

2 BIG Updates!!!

It has been a long time coming, but we are back!
Back in the blogging world.
Back to sharing our story in order that God may be glorified!

In reality, we never actually stopped sharing - some of you probably follow Samuel's page on Facebook or Instagram and have kept up with us through those platforms - but I know many of you relied on this blog, and I am so sorry that I have left y'all hanging for so long!

The truth is, this journey is draining.  Some days it takes everything I have just to make it through all of Samuel's daily routine (respiratory treatments, sterilizing equipment, PT/OT/Speech therapy sessions, meds, blending his food, etc...), and then throw in a phone call or two with insurance, doctors, and/or his medical suppliers...It often leaves me feeling like I don't have much left to give.  So I stepped away from those things that weren't a necessity.  But writing has always been therapeutic to me, and my hope was to get back into it at some point; but at the same time, it just felt so daunting every time I thought about sitting down to write.
I have missed it, and I am glad to be back!  Hopefully I will find the capacity to continue regular updates here - that is my goal!

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Now for some updates!

Two BIG NEWS items:

FIRST, we are back in Delaware!
Back in October Samuel had a routine echo that was more concerning than any of his previous echos since being discharged. By December, his cardiology team in Delaware had decided that it would be best for us to travel to DuPont so Samuel could undergo a cardiac catheterization, which would give them a more precise picture of the current state of his heart. Based on the results of the cath, they may then determine to go ahead with Samuel's next open heart surgery.

Just last week we finally got a call with finalized dates. So we frantically spent the next few days getting things in order and packing before hitting the road for a 20-hour road trip! God brought us safely to Delaware just last night, and we will spend today relaxing with a priority of letting Samuel rest so his body can recover from the trip.

Tomorrow, the 17th, at 11 Eastern time, Samuel will have his cath; and then surgery is scheduled for next Friday, the 24th. He also has several appointments scheduled with some of his specialists during the in-between week. We will likely be in Delaware for about a month, if Samuel's recovery goes well.
We are praying that Samuel will recover well from both of these things with no complications, that we will all remain healthy so nothing is delayed, and that God will give us and the doctors wisdom as big decisions are made over the next week.


God had blessed us with another precious child to love!!! And we are so excited to watch Samuel grow into the roll of big brother.
Praises abound, as this was my first pregnancy (out of four) where I had no complications in the first trimester! Although "morning" sickness this time around was much more severe than I have experienced before. But I am starting to feel much better, and we are grateful to already be in the second trimester! Lord willing, we will have another baby in our arms come July.

What we know...
Is that God's timing is perfect! He has ordained this little one to join our family at this exact time, and we know that was no accident! Even though things may seem somewhat daunting with Samuel's current medical needs, we know that God is working out the timing of each situation perfectly, and we will continue to trust Him.

By the time we get back to Arkansas, it will probably be about time for our anatomy scan, which is when we will find out so much more about this sweet new baby - whether or not he or she shares Samuel's diagnosis. But regardless of any diagnosis, we know that God is perfectly creating this little one in His image, for His glory! And there is nothing else we could ever hope for.

After all, this is His story, and it is all for His glory!

Thank you for continuing to keep our family in your prayers! God continues to faithfully lead us, and the prayer support we feel is such a huge encouragement!

2 BIG Updates!!!

It has been a long time coming, but we are back! Back in the blogging world. Back to sharing our story in order that God may be glorifie...