Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Baby Steps Forward

6 weeks old.  5 days post-surgery.  Our little warrior is still fighting!

Samuel made some good steps forward in the past 48 hours.  He came off his blood pressure medicine, weaned down a just a little on his vent settings and sedation, and (perhaps the most exciting step forward) he had his first bit of food EVER put into his stomach!  He has literally waited his whole life to be fed, and after 6 weeks of only receiving IV nutrition, I think he was ready! So far his belly seems to be handling the tube feedings just fine!
Samuel still needs to get a bit of fluid out of his body, especially off of his lungs, but he has been making progress there as well!  There is also long ways to go on his sedation meds.  Because he was on several sedation meds before surgery, they had to increase that even more after surgery, and it will now be a slow process to get him off all of those meds.  But overall the doctors are pleased with his progress so far post-surgery, especially from a cardiac standpoint!

We are so grateful!

We know there is still a long road ahead, and we don't know what it will look like, but getting past the first major heart surgery was a HUGE step!  Yesterday Samuel started opening his eyes for long periods of time, and he was able to tolerate more stimulation with us talking to him and touching him!  Those simple things do my heart so much good.  We are continuing to enjoy every moment with our sweet Samuel David, and we are thanking God for each one!

Please continue to pray with us:
That Samuel's heart will continue to function normally.  That his mitral valve would allow enough blood to flow through without pressure building up.  That the PA bands would allow just the right amount of blood to flow to the lungs.
That Samuel will not have any withdrawals as he weans off of the sedation meds.
That Samuel's lungs would continue to grow and get stronger so that he will be able to tolerate weaning off of the ventilator, and eventually be extubated!
That God would give the doctors wisdom regarding the best plan of care for Samuel.

This past Sunday night, my grandpa passed away back home in Arkansas.  Since we have been away from home for over 10 weeks now, it had been a while since I had been able to see him.  I am heartbroken that I was not able to see him one more time, or be home with my family to both mourn and celebrate his life.  Please pray that God would continue to comfort our hearts during this time.

Praise God:
Samuel was able to come off of his blood pressure medicine!
The overall function of Samuel's heart is looking good so far!
Samuel has been able to tolerate getting milk!
Seth and I have been able to touch and talk to Samuel again!  And Samuel has opened his eyes so much in the past 2 days!

This is His story, and it is ALL for His glory!

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  1. Wow. I forget it's not about me. Its about HIM Prayers for Samuel.


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