Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Urgent prayer request!

Urgent prayer request!

Earlier this week we made the decision to transport Samuel to the children's hospital in Deleware, where they have a specific team dedicated to working with kids who have EVC.  This was a hard decision for us because we have loved all of our doctors and nurses here at Arkansas Children's, and because transporting a baby that far always has some risks.  But after talking with doctors and praying for wisdom we decided it would be best for Samuel.  We found out yesterday that the transfer would for sure happen, but were told it likely wouldn't be until the end of this week and maybe not even until next week.


As soon as we got to the hospital this morning they informed us he was being transported TODAY! I  am currently riding in the ambulance with him to the airport because we are going to Deleware!
We are excited that God connected us with the doctors in Deleware, but we are anxious.

Please pray:
That Samuel will do well during transport!
That Seth will be able to make it to Deleware soon without any problems!
That the transition of Samuel's care will go smoothly, and God would give the transport team and the doctors wisdom!
That God will give us all comfort as we go even farther away from family and friends, and peace as we make this transition!

Sorry for the quick update!
Thank you all for praying!

This is His story, and it is all for His glory!


  1. I think about you all often. I have commented before and followed your story from Kindara. I am located in Delaware if you need ANYTHING at all. I understand the hospital life all too well and would love to help in any way I can.

  2. Sweet Hannah, Kirstin directed me to your blog and I have been praying for you, Seth and Samuel ever since. I am in awe of the strength God is giving you in the midst of such unimaginable hardships. God is being so clearly glorified through Samuel's story. Much love to you, Hannah!! Praying for you all as you make your way to Delaware.


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