Monday, January 15, 2018

Our Prayer Chest - A Place to Give Thanks

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.

Colossians 4:2

In November, Seth and I ran across an old cedar chest at an antique shop, for a bargain of a price!  We had been looking for a cedar chest for quite some time, just to be used as a sitting place and storage space, but had been deterred by the high prices.  We were so excited to finally find one to put in our home!

We had no idea that God had a completely different reason for allowing us to find such a treasure that day.  Sometimes God grants us our wishes, however petty they may be, and turns them into something so much more wonderful than we ever could have imagined.

Two weeks after that cedar chest entered our home, we had our first appointment with an MFM specialist, and God gave us a vision for what our antique find truly was.

Our cedar chest has become our prayer altar.  It has become a sacred space where we have shed tears, shared laughs, and poured out our hearts to our loving Heavenly Father, while kneeling at His feet.  We have sung songs of praise and worship to our Creator while sitting on our prayer chest, and we have purposed together to learn more about how we are to pray.

The first thing I have learned?  We are called to give thanks.

There are multiple Scriptures where prayer is mentioned alongside thanksgiving.  So every night before bed, Seth and I kneel at our prayer chest and give thanks!  Do I always feel thankful?  No.  But disciplining myself to express specific points of thanksgiving to God every night has shown me just how much we have been blessed with.

We have a house.

We have food.

God chose us to be parents to 3 precious children.

We live close to family who have been a huge support over the past year.

Seth and I both have incredibly flexible and supportive jobs.

We have 2 working vehicles.

Samuel David is super active, and we are so grateful for all the time we get to spend with him.

All of the doctors we have met with have been compassionate and patient.

We are often overwhelmed with supernatural peace.

People we don't even know personally have offered us help in this season of life.

We have people around the world praying for us.

God has somehow strengthened our marriage in the midst of everything we have gone through.

I could go on…

Every time I start listing things, I am amazed!  How can I be anxious when I see all that God has already provided?  Am I really concerned that He won’t continue to give us everything we need?  Yes, this is so much easier said than done, but that is why I am disciplining myself to daily list what I am thankful for.  I am praying that this will become a habit that will allow God to continually calm my anxious heart.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

We cry out to God every single day to bring healing to Samuel, and we will continue to do so.  We would love the chance to raise our son, and we have full confidence that God has the power to reverse any medical diagnosis.  But I know that what we NEED is peace, because that is what is commanded of us in Scripture.

Regardless of the outcome God has planned, my prayer is that God will fill us with peace, and I am learning that thanksgiving is the first step.

Our prayer chest has quickly become my favorite place in our home.  Even though it’s not always easy to kneel and pray, I have come to treasure our time at the altar each night as Seth and I kneel side-by-side, voicing our gratitude to the One who provides, while giving all of our fears to the only One who can handle them.

Thank you to everyone who has been joining us at the feet of Jesus to petition for healing and peace!

This is His story, and it is all for His glory!


  1. Hannah & Seth:

    You two are amazing parents and an inspiration to all. I am committed to continually praying for all three of you.

    The Lord IS being glorified through your faith. With much love, Debbie C.

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers! We are praying that this journey He has us on will draw others closer to Him.

  2. This is beautiful Hannah! The Lord is going to use that place of prayer for big things ❤️

  3. Hannah and Seth,
    I learned of Samuel's condition only yesterday. I am so burdened for you and all that you are walking through but filled with gospel truth and hope as I read every word of your blog. God is faithful and you are pointing everyone who knows you straight to him. This suffering will not be wasted. We are praying without ceasing for Samuel and for the two of you. Kim West

    1. Thank you so much for praying for us! Your words are so encouraging. Our biggest prayer is that there will be purpose in whatever pain we walk through. And we of course would love to see healing too!


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