Monday, October 15, 2018

TODAY is the day!!!

We're just about as excited for today as we are for when daddy makes noise with a plastic bottle! And that's pretty excited!

As of now, the plan is still to leave here in an ambulance around 11! However, since it is a non-emergency transport that time could be pushed back if the ambulance is called out for another emergency.
There are also a few things that still have to happen this morning before we can leave. And if Samuel does anything out of the ordinary this morning discharge could still be postponed.
All of that to say...we are trusting in God's perfect timing! And trying not to stress!

I will try to keep y'all updated throughout the day. They will likely be short and sweet!

Please pray:
•For all of the pieces to fall into place this morning.
•For Samuel to do well for transport, with no emergencies.
•For Samuel to continue to remain free of any infections and viruses.
•For Samuel to adjust well to being home!
•For Seth and I as we make this big transition.

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