Friday, June 8, 2018

100 Days

Yesterday we celebrated 100 days of life for our sweet Samuel David!

100 days of sitting by his bedside in the hospital for 12+ hours a day.
100 days of unknowns.
100 days spent side-by-side with my family.

Samuel has changed and gone through a lot in those 100 days!

Day 1

Day 100
He lost a bit of hair, but gained a lot of chub.
He moved halfway across the country.
He kept us on our toes through the first 6 weeks of sleepless nights, when we knew that we could lose him at any moment.
He endured a heart-makeover like a brave warrior.
He overcame 3 surgeries like a champ.
He has made medical lingo become second nature to us.
He has taught us how to trust God when life hurts.
He stole our hearts from the very first day.

God has been so gracious to grant us these first 100 days with our brave little warrior!

Samuel's surgery on Wednesday went fairly well.  They had a little trouble getting his central line (Broviac) placed, and they almost had to just give him another PICC, but they were finally successful in putting it in a different location!  Because they had so much trouble with this, the time of the surgery ended up doubling from the expected 2 hours, and took 4 hours instead.  But the tracheostomy portion went very smoothly!
They are keeping Samuel more sedated through the weekend while the stoma heals.  On Monday surgery will do his first trach change, and then his airway will be considered "stable", at which point he will be able to become much more mobile!  He has been resting very comfortably since the surgery, and we just can't stop staring at his tape-free face - the first time we've ever seen his cheeks!

Please continue to pray for:

  • Samuel's intestines - nothing has changed here.  We are still praying that God would return normal function so he can begin eating again.
  • Samuel's lungs - long-term ventilatory support can have damaging effects on the lungs.  We are praying protection over Samuel's lungs while he is on the ventilator, and asking God to instead use this time to heal and strengthen his lungs!
  • Timeline - pray that God will guide the doctors as they decide when it is best for us to transfer back to Arkansas Children's Hospital.  While we are anxious to get closer to home, we don't want to rush things before Samuel is ready.
This is His story and it is all for His glory!

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